Maybe it’s time for a hired gun to execute them.

Greater Boston and New Hampshire B2B copywriter Patrick Gillam looks better in a hat.jpg

Your products and services are to die for.

And you know what you need to do to reach live prospects: You need to write emails. Blog posts. Case studies.

You have ideas for ebooks. White papers. Product literature. Heck, you want to update your website! But you’re pressed for time. What's it going to take to get them off your to-do list?

You need a hired gun: a copywriter who does the work while you get the credit.

Let me make you an offer you can’t refuse.

To demonstrate my skill and check a little project off your list, I’ll execute a quick pilot writing project at no charge, but on three conditions:

  1. You meet with me.
  2. You measure results.
  3. You share the results with me.

You read that right. I’ll provide killer copy for free if you’ll make the time to manage the project.


If you decline my offer...

Nothing will happen. Which is precisely the problem.

You have sales reps begging for content. Demand generation managers imploring you for content. Heck, you have prospective customers asking for content! If nothing happens, that's exactly the problem!


Let’s partner up and get those marketing projects done. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Meet with me.
  2. Assign a quick pilot project to perform at no charge—some emails, or a blog post, or some website revisions.
  3. Measure results, and share them.

I’ll make you look good. Your colleagues will thank you. The work will succeed. And isn’t that what we live for?